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The Challenge

Design, build and transition the Wowcher Redemption Site to a robust, redundant server infrastructure to minimise downtime and handle increasing amounts of traffic.

Our Thinking

Leverage a popular Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider to build a resilient, geographically distributed hosting architecture.

The Result

A fast, redundant server architecture hosted with Amazon Web Services. Zero downtime code deployments and 70% reduction in infrastructure costs.

  • 70% reduction in hosting costs
  • Page load times - 9x faster
  • Customer support requests down
  • Fraudulant purchase attempts down

"Since working with Codemakers the redemption site has gone from strength to strength. There have been significant feature improvements, downtime has been reduced to almost zero and Codemakers have re-designed and restructured the server set-up to give us much more agility when releasing new features. From the beginning we’ve had an excellent working relationship, and Codemakers’ desire to deliver results for Wowcher has brought real benefits to our customers and our staff who use the site daily."

- Julian Boardman, Head of Operations, Wowcher

We work with Wowcher to refine their online processes, offering both web software support & security services and technical advice on their evolving requirements. Continued development to their customer-facing code redemption site, management and fraud detection systems have helped reduce errors affecting customer satisfaction – driving increased business and website traffic.

Because Wowcher depends on their online presence, website uptime is crucial to their business. Therefore we proposed, designed and implemented an overhaul of their server architecture to minimise downtime and any issues impacting their customers.

We load balanced their front-end machines, enabled automatic scaling in response to spikes in traffic, and moved business critical data to redundant storage with automatic failover using Amazon Web Services (AWS). This setup was designed from the start to handle increasing traffic as the business grows and automatically respond to any day-to-day issues.

We performed a User Experience and User Interface audit resulting in a complete redesign of the front-end layout and voucher redemption process that has resulted in faster transactions and reduced customer support requirements.

Wowcher relies on us to support and maintain the online infrastructure for their redemption site, allowing them to focus on offering great customer service to match the best deals on services, shopping and travel they provide.

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