Spike - The Digital Receipt App

The Challenge

Create an accessible and secure digital replacement to paper receipts for an entrepreneur with straightforward integrations for retailers, online and instore.

Our Thinking

Let's revolutionise the way we shop - one receipt at a time.

The Result

Responsive web, iOS and Android applications utilising a secure API with simple retailer integrations to maximise onboarding and provide a seamless experience for users to transition from paper to digital receipts.

  • Invited to exhibit in the Alpha programme at Web Summit in Dublin
  • Barcode and NFC identification via mobile phone
  • Simple integration with third party applications

"The team at Codemakers have produced a world class software package for my startup that has garnered significant interest from investors. Both the product and the team at Codemakers have exceeded my expectations."

- Rob Moorfoot, Managing Director, Spike International Pty Ltd

Rob came to Codemakers with a simple question – in the world of Mobile App Development, where everything is becoming digital, why do we still receive a piece of paper for everything we buy.

We took him through a consultation process to determine what needed to happen to enable this much needed revolution. The consultation highlighted the key challenges ahead in not only creating apps for iOS and Android, but also pushing it out to retailers and users. We knew that we needed a web application, a secure API and mobile applications, but we also realised the necessity of providing simple methods for retailers to integrate with the system and developing a brand that users could trust.

After completion of applications for web, iOS and Android, the product was accepted onto the Alpha programme at Web Summit in Dublin to be exhibited and search for further investment. Codemakers attended and helped not only explain the technicalities of the product but also provide enthusiastic support to a great client.

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