Rugged Robot Controller App

The Challenge

Create a cross-platform Bluetooth Controller App for the new TTS educational product 'Rugged Robot' - a programmable floor robot designed to be used outdoors.

Our Thinking

Use the Unity gaming engine to create an app that truly enhances ICT skills in children, with seamless support for multiple Bluetooth tablet devices that helps education professionals in a chaotic teaching environment.

The Result

An engaging and exciting app for Android and iOS tablet devices that introduces children to the concepts of programming, sequences and loops, whilst letting Rugged Robot's 'go anywhere' attitude shine through.

TTS develops a unique range of advanced educational robots designed to enhance programming/ICT skills in children. Meet the latest addition; ‘Rugged Robot’… built to go where no educational robot has gone before!

Codemakers was approached by TTS to develop a Bluetooth, cross-platform, controller app that would appeal to children and encourage learning of the basic principles of building a command sequence, programming avoidance subroutines and loops.


We decided to build the app in Unity with a Bluetooth interface that worked across multiple operating systems and legacy devices, meaning schools would not need to invest in the latest hardware.

We developed a technical specification and initial prototype for proof of concept which successfully led onto a full production build available on both Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store for Android devices.

Along with Unity app development we designed and built the user interface to reflect the outdoor nature of the product, allowing users to connect to and control multiple robots, quickly and easily, in a potentially chaotic learning environment.

The app allows children to build and edit sequences and transmit to the Rugged Robot with an engaging and exciting interface that encourages learning whilst appealing to small people with big imaginations.

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