PCC - Online Quote Software

The Challenge

Simplify quoting for surveying and certifying new build and renovated properties and make managing each case easier.

Our Thinking

Become a market disrupter by launching a dedicated service with Online Quote Software and payments, backed by a powerful bespoke case management system.

The Result

The service was launched together with an online marketing campaign managed by one of our partners and achieved a Return on Investment in revenue terms in six weeks and is now a market leader.

  • Return on Investment in 6 weeks
  • Bespoke Case Management System
  • Self Service Quotes and Online Payments
  • Automated PDF Document Creation

"Codemakers guided me through the process of establishing my first web-based venture and reassured me when I had any concerns. I am truly amazed by the success of the site, which has far exceeded my expectations and given me the confidence to invest in further similar ideas. I have no hesitation recommending Codemakers to anyone wanting to set up their own business online."

- Justin Smith, Managing Director, ProfessionalConsultantsCertificate.com

Following the shake-up of the property lending market at the end of the last decade, banks have been more cautious lending against new build and renovated properties, insisting they be certified by a professional consultant, who verifies the value of the property and ensures it is structurally sound and meets building regulations. Only chartered architects and surveyors are qualified to carry out these inspections, which guarantee the building against structural defects.

Justin Smith had been carrying out these inspections as part of his architectural practice and noticed the volume of enquiries had been gradually rising, despite only having a single page on his website describing the service. Being entrepreneurially spirited and a lover of all things tech, he wanted to see if we could help him simplify customer acquisition by providing an online quote tool. We suggested he went a step further and set up an entire new dedicated service with national appeal, backed by a bespoke case management system that enforces procedures, maintains an audit trail and outputs certificates as pre-formatted PDF documents sent directly to customers to simplify administration and eliminate chance for error.

Designed and developed from scratch, we delivered a disruptive solution that made the buying process much quicker and easier than any alternative, whilst reassuring customers they would receive a quality service. The service quickly gained traction and yielded a super-quick Return on Investment in revenue terms – in just six weeks.

The service is now said to be the leading provider of Professional Consultants Certificates in the UK, having certified over 800 properties.


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