RAF Museum

The Challenge

Prepare the RAF Museum for accepting thousands of donations online, meeting a tight deadline, operational and marketing requirements and regulatory obligations.

Our Thinking

Foster a collaborative relationship with the RAF Museum and marketing agency Somo to deliver a solution beyond expectations in super quick time.

The Result

A highly reliable and scalable online donations platform launched on time, to budget and requiring minimal end-user support meaning thousands of donations were accepted in the first week alone.

  • High-traffic tolerance
  • Automated HMRC & Gift Aid integration
  • Over 6,000 donations processed
  • Optimised Interactive Name Finder
  • Large-scale Pan and Zoom image mapping

"From the outset Codemakers have been committed to ensuring our project’s success. The Codemakers team’s collaborative approach and “can-do” attitude gave me confidence that the launch of our campaign would be achieved on time and to the exacting standards people expect of the RAF Museum. Since launch donations have been rolling in without a hitch, with minimal customer support requests. We couldn’t have done it without you!"

- Caroline Smith, Head of Development, Royal Air Force Museum

2018 marks the centenary of the Royal Air Force, and to celebrate this, the RAF Museum decided to offer the opportunity to be part of the RAF’s history.

The ‘Names on a Plane’ Campaign ran from April to December 2016 and offered the chance for the public to have their name on one of the Red Arrows’ Hawk Jets which will be flying in air shows and displays to millions of people in 2017/18.

The RAF Museum approached us with a strict deadline for this project due to a campaign launch at Horse Guards Parade in London.

In collaboration with international marketing agency Somo we delivered a bespoke web solution that allowed the public to submit their required name and make a secure donation to the campaign, along with a Gift Aid contribution utilising our automated HMRC integration software.

We developed a Technical Specification for the project which laid the ground for Wireframing, Prototyping and User Experience and Interface Design.

Along with Front-End Development, we provided On-Demand Scaling, Redundant Data Store and Database Solutions. Due to expected high visitor numbers during peak media times we implemented high-traffic tolerance using edge caching and optimised code for instantaneous page loads.

The RAF Museum was able to monitor and moderate donations through a bespoke Back-end Admin Area and approve and reject names. Our system also allowed donations to be made directly and also through a dedicated call centre.

The ‘Names on a Plane’ campaign grew over the summer months and our intuitive and secure solution helped the team at the RAF Museum to deliver this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to the general public and corporate sponsors.

Upon completion of the fundraising campaign, which saw over 6,000 donations being processed, the names were applied to the tail fin of one of the Red Arrows Hawk Jets by the RAF. This was subsequently photographed in high definition, showing each name clearly. Codemakers was then commissioned to make these photographs available to the public in the form of an Interactive Name Finder, allowing users to pan and zoom around both sides of the tail fin and search for their name.

The two high resolution photographs are almost 3GB in size so an optimised approach was required. We used technology similar to that used by Google Maps to split the photographs up into smaller units at various zoom levels to provide a high performance, data plan friendly solution. Personalised emails were also sent out to each donor thanking them and linking them straight to their name, from which they can easily share to social media including Twitter and Facebook.


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