DEF Tickets

The Challenge

Replace an outdated online ticket store and paper-based entry system for a growing music event ticket merchant.

Our Thinking

Dramatically improve customer experience from purchase to event entry. Increase revenue through Bespoke eTicketing Software and Merchandise Store and increase promoter uptake and retention.

The Result

A scalable, responsive and secure e-commerce website with event and Bespoke eTicket Software management functionality combined with an Entry Management iOS mobile app for event promoters.

  • Processes thousands of tickets for each event
  • Unified sales platform for tickets and merchandise
  • Massive increase in Promoter sign-up and sales

"The team at Codemakers have streamlined our ticket purchase process and event entry management. We now have our own bespoke eTicketing software and an outstanding brand that elevates us well above the competition."

- Bridge Atterbury, Managing Director, Definition Events Ltd

Deftickets is an online retailer of tickets to clubbing events and raves for Drum & Bass and similar music genres. Managing prestigious and all-star DJ events at venues such as the O2 Arena, Deftickets has seen significant growth and required powerful Event Management and Bespoke eTicketing Software.

Deftickets previously used an off-the-shelf system to sell and allocate tickets to attendees, which had limitations that were becoming an issue as the volume of customers and size of events increased. The two specific areas of concern were that attendees were sent ticket numbers via expensive SMS messages, and that the only way of managing entry was by printing an attendee register and manually crossing people off as they arrived. A new solution was required to resolve these issues and elevate the company to a new level to retain its competitive advantage.

We consulted with the client to determine the requirements of the new eTicketing system, which resulted in designing a scalable solution backed by a core API, which provides data and business logic to the various user interfaces and applications. The system is deployed on elastic cloud infrastructure, meaning the hosting can be easily scaled up and down according to demand, which is vital for busy periods during the lead-up to popular events. Being a high traffic site, we migrated existing ticket information and coordinated the new website’s launch to take less than 10 minutes.

After dramatically improving the Deftickets buying experience and management of events, we upgraded their merchandise store, integrating it into the ticket site to provide a unified store with product recommendations, increasing cross-selling and upselling opportunities to raise revenue for the company.